Looking for a Freelance Marketing Manager?

Andrew Sanderson provides organisations and agencies with Marketing expertise:
Concepts, Planning & Implementation; internal & external Communications; Project Management & Measurement; Strategy & Tactics; Workshops, Training & Knowledge Transfer.

Business areas include:
• change management.
• business process definition and organisation.
• criteria for selecting Marketing systems.
• systems implementation.
• marketing communications strategies.
• campaign planning, design and implementation.
• campaign measurement and evaluation.
• best practices and knowledge transfer.
• continuous improvement of marketing activities.

Free 1-hour consultation

Tell me what you're doing today and where you want to be in the future; what works well and what needs to improved.

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Ten good reasons for hiring Andrew Sanderson

1. High quality
You get the same professional standard as from an agency or your in-house team.

2. Direct communication
You explain what you want - I do it. No middle-man. Direct communication makes your life simpler.

3. Fast delivery
Direct communication also means quick delivery, short projects and reduced costs.

4. Wide experience
Knowledge of different industries means that I can suggest a variety of relevant solutions.

5. Hands-on knowledge
The work I produce is based on in-depth knowledge of processes and details.

6. Better use of your own time
Use my skills for the jobs that you don't have time for – leaving you free to focus on what you're best at.

7. Customer-focused communications
I present your customers with the information that they need to make an informed buying decision.

8. Sales-driven campaigns
I give your sales team the leads they need to make their targets.

9. Switch on / switch off
Hire me on a project-by-project basis to overcome peak loads, staff shortages or missing skills.

10. Reduce costs and save money
Save your company the employer costs of hiring more full-time staff. Avoid the fees of temporary employment contracts or advertising agencies.